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Music everywhere, when you want it. Video everywhere without the boxes.

WebcentrikAV specialise in multi-room audio and video systems these give you the flexibility to have multiple sources available in your rooms. The children can listen to their Spotify, while Dad listens to internet radio and Mum watches her favourite program.

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A discreet multi-room audio & visual system should be considered for any renovation or new build removing the need for unsightly speakers and cables.

Multi-room audio and visual systems can include in-ceiling speakers and in-wall keypads in every room, televisions in the kitchen, master bedroom, with dedicated speakers and a large television or projector screen in the living room. The choice is yours.

Your system can comprise:

  • Flush mount in-ceiling speakers
    Music in any area in the home, with speakers that blend into a room instead of standing out.

  • Hidden Cabling
    All cables are run within the walls or under the floorboards and completely hidden. WebcentrikAV will co-ordinate with your builders and architects to provide you a system that is heard and not seen.

  • On-Wall Touchscreens or wireless controllers
    Control your music using on-wall touchscreens, keypad, ipads with Control4.

  • Share your music around the house
    Distribute your Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music throughout using Sonos, Denon Heos, Yamaha Musicast or Airplay available in each room streaming from your devices and accounts.

  • Sky TV on every TV
    Share a single or multiple sky boxes between or around the whole house with the ability to change channels in any room. No more limitation of only being able to have three SkyQ boxes in three rooms, HDMI or RF distribution around the house using existing cabling.
  • Waterproof TV
    Want to spend your quiet time catching up with your favourite television program. The heated glass prevents the screen from steaming up so you can watch your favourite program in comfort.

WebcentrikAV specialise in Control4, HD Anywhere, Yamaha, Sonos, Denon Heos, Speakercraft and RTI for multi-room systems.
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AppleTV Integration

With the release of the new AppleTV we are now recommending these as low cost music and video players for individual rooms



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